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At the beginning of each year, it is interesting to take a look back at the results from our tournaments to see who had the best performances at our Wednesday night events. There are some surprises to report this year. For the first time in a long while, the winner of the most events was not Arthur Feuerstein or Roger Pedersen.

Most Tournament Wins

In 2011, we held a total of eleven events – ten tournaments and one impromptu match-play night. To be fair, a “tournament winners” is defined as the person with the most points after playing five rounds (wins derived from extra matches by playing two boards were not counted). Based on this criteria, our new club champion is George Grasser, who won four of the ten events. Roger Pedersen was a close second, winning three events over the course of the year. Below is a tally of first and second place finishes for those who won at least one tournament (note there are more than 10 winners as there were a few ties for the most points):

  • George Grasser       4 wins, 2 seconds
  • Roger Pedersen      3 wins
  • George Mendez      2 wins
  • Lazar Vilotijevic     1 win, 3 seconds
  • Arthur Feuerstein  1 win, 1 second
  • Chris Zelenka          1 win, 1 second
  • Dan Zonenberg       1 win

Most Improved Players

Three players showed dramatic improvement in their ratings in 2001, improving by a full rating class over the course of the year. Lazar Vilotijevic had a rating of 1704 prior to our first event of the year. At the end of our last event, his rating improved to 1905, a 201 point improvement moving from a mid Class B player to the middle of the Class A range. Alexander Poste had a similar success story, moving from a rating of 1643 to a rating of 1829 at the end of our last event. Last but not least, Avrahom Lewinson started the year at 1587 and jumped 185 points to a rating of 1772 by the end of the Welcome Winter Swiss.

Best Attendence (2010 to 2011)

Two of our club members have consistently attended at least one round for the vast majority of our events over the past two calendar years. According to the Suffern Chess Club stats on the USCF site, Roger Pedersen and Louis Winokur have both participated in 21 events over this time period. Three players have attended 20 events – Fred Sauberman, Saul Cohen and Gerry Freel.

Most Active

Some of our players love to burn the candle at both ends and play in numerous tournaments each year. I was surprised to see that two of our members played a combined 390 games in 2011. Lazar Vilotijevic played an astounding 243 matches in the last 12 months! I’m not sure when he found time to eat or sleep, but there’s no doubt that he is battle-tested and ready to compete. Roger Pedersen was also very active, playing in 147 matches over the past 12 months.

Our first matches of the new year will take place this Wednesday, January 4th. It will be interesting to look back at the end of the next year to see how the above list changes by December 2012.

ICA Summer Open

Our friends at the International Chess Academy are hosting their “2010 Open Championship” this Sunday, June 6.  The tournament is a 4 Round Swiss event.  The only requirement to enter is a rating over 1400. Entry fee is $40 in advance and $45 at the door.  If you’re interested, click the local club link for the ICA on the right side of this website.

New Suffern Chess Club Tournament Starts Tomorrow

The 90 Minute Mayhem tournament is in the books. We had a strong turnout for all of the rounds and finished with 23 players in the tournament. Gerry is running our next tournament, which starts tomorrow, April 26th at 8 p.m.  Be sure to stop by at 7:45 to ensure that you are in time to be paired.

Chess Networking

I’m not sure if “Chessworking” is a real term, but if you’re a member of the site LinkedIn, you should take advantage of the various networking groups they have. There are a couple of chess oriented groups that are worth investigating.

The largest group with over 1,500 members is called “Chessmasters” and is oriented to the larger Chess community. Another group called “Managers Who Play Chess” is more focused on discussing the benefits that chess brings to people in managerial roles.

While I’m not an active member of Facebook, I’m sure there are many chess groups and fan pages to join in that arena as well.  Let us know if you have any suggestions for other ways to interact with fellow chess players.

As any frequent visitor to this site knows, we’re all about promoting the love of the game – in all its quirky iterations.

We also like to give a shout out to local clubs and provide information on upcoming tournaments.

That said, one of the oldest organizations promoting the game is the Contiental Chess Association.  Though they have a very boring website, it contains great information on a number of large tournaments that they sponsor.  To take a look, go to

All tournaments sponsored by Continental Chess are major events with longer time controls and large prize funds.  It’s a lot like following the schedule of a rock band.  Some of the spots on the upcoming tour include:

  • Philadelphia, PA 3/31/10
  • Lake George, NY 5/14/10
  • Stratton VT 6/11/10
  • Stamford, CT 8/6/10

Meanwhile, the Suffern “Lonely Hearts Club Swiss” tournament is coming to a close.  The final round will be this Wednesday, March 10.  The crosstable can be found under our events tab.  David Collins is the current leader with a perfect score of 4.0, despite having black in 3 of the 4 rounds!  He’ll have white for the final round and will likely face our newest member who is also “tearing things up”, Ken Chieu.

Feel free to come out and join the fun.  Remember, the best way to improve is to play as many matches as possible.