Posted: October 24, 2010 in chess

Some of our Suffern Chess Club members had some fun and played outside the confines of the Leo Lydon house on 10/10/10.

Many of the club members, including George Grasser, David Rubenfeld, and Louis Winokur (yours truly) spent an afternoon at the ICA Fall Open Championship. The event was held at the Bergen academy. This being my first time at an ICA event, I was pleasantly surprised at how well run the event was. There was a very large turnout of children and adults for the various sections, but postings for all rounds were handled promptly and efficiently.

They had many tables setup where one can purchase a variety of snacks and beverages. In addition, there are many fast-food and sit down restaurants nearby to get a bit to eat.

If you live in the area, I highly recommend that check the ICA website and participate in one of their events.

Meanwhile, our own Bessalel Yarjovsky, was participating in a simul at Chess Mates in Rahway, NJ against Leoned Yudasin and was able to achieve a draw after a well-played tactical battle. Facing the very uncommon Dunst opening (1. Nc3), he played an active game which had chances for both sides. The position below occurred after 13. Ne2 …

Bessalel took advantage of the precarious position of the Knight on h4 and unleashed 13. … Ne4, snipping a pawn. The grandmaster had some surprises of his own and after 14. Ng6 Nd2, he regained the pawn by responding 15. Ne5!

By move 38. the game reached the following double-edged position (see below), and after … Kf8 a draw was agreed.

The complete transcript of the game was as follows:

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